Thursday, April 5, 2012

Who will bell the cat

Who will bell the cat??

Once some mice were having a good time in a house. The owner of the house was very annoyed at this. So, he brought a cat. The mice were very afraid of the cat. They could not move about freely. At last, they hit upon a plan to get rid of the cat. They sat together in a conference to find out a way to be free from this danger. Several proposals*were made but none of the proposals was good enough to accept. At last a young mouse rose to speak before the meeting. He said, "I have a good plan for your consideration. Let us tie a bell round the cat's neck.

Then we will hear him coming and be able to hide ourselves in time. Thus we will be free, from the cat's threat." All the mice thanked the young mouse for his unique plan. But an old mouse stood up and said, "No doubt, the idea is good. But who will bell the cat?" At this all remain silent because they could realize the danger of implementing the unique plan. There was none to tie the bell round the cat's neck. The mice eventually migrated