Thursday, April 5, 2012

The crow and the jar

The crow and the jar !

Once upon a time on a sultry day in summer, a brow felt very thirsty. It flew to and fro looking for water. But it could find no water anywhere. At last it grew so thirsty that it thought that it would die. It, however, continued its search and found a jar at some distance. At once the crow flew down to have a drink of water from the jar. But it found that there was a little water at the bottom of the jar. It thrust into the jar. It could by no means reach it with its beak. But it did not lose heart. It tried to overturn the jar but failed. It was about to fly away when it saw some stones a little way from the jar. At once it hit upon a plan. It picked up the stones one by one and dropped them into the jar. When he had dropped a large number of stones, the water in the jar rose high enough for him to reach it. Then the crow quenched its thirst drinking water to its heart's content.