Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A friend in need is a friend indeed

There lived two friends in a certain village. There name is Mahfuj and Amin.They were very fond of travelling. They liked to enjoy the beauty of nature, to see green trees, blue seas and to hear the sweet songs of birds. Often they travel on these kinds of places. But nothing serious problem occurred any day. When they start a tour before the tour they promised each other that, If any dangerous situation create then they will help each other. If they die they will die together. In their regular tour sometimes little problem occur but they help each other.
One day they went to a forest for travelling. They were walking along with the path of the forest. One time they entered in the deep forest and lost their way. At that time, a terrible incident happened.
They saw a bear coming towards them. One friend (Mahfuj) knew how to climb up the tree. So, seeing the bear he climbed up the tree promptly. The another friend (Amin ) didn't know how to climb up it. So, to protect himself, he lay down on the grass and acted as he was dead. The bear came near the lying friend, smelt the body and thought it to be a dead body. As the bear does not eat a dead body, he went away. When it went away, the friend got down from the tree and asked his fire, "What did the bear say to you?" In reply he said, "A friend who leaves his friend at the time of danger, is not a real friend." At this he was ashamed and went away. From that day Amin broke his friendship with Mahfuj. Because Mahfuj was not a real friend.

So the Moral of the Story is, when you make a friendship with someone please at first check him then go ahead.