Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The cats and monkey

One day two cats stole a piece of cake from the Kitchen of a householder. They had a dispute over their shares. As a result, they did not come to a decision how they. But all went in vain. Then they were about to fight with each other. At that time a monkey appeared there. He heard the whole thing and told the cats to give the cake to him. He gave them assurance that he would divide it equally among them. The monkey broke the cake into two pieces. But one piece grew a bit  larger than the other. He bit off a portion" from the large piece and it now became a bit smaller than the other piece. He bit off a portion from the second piece in order to make the two pieces equal. But the second piece grew smaller again that time. Thus the monkey tactfully ate the whole cake. The cats could understand their foolishness and were very sorry for losing their cake.