Saturday, March 3, 2012

Slow and steady wins the rece

Slow and steady wins the race

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Its a common story.Every one must heard it.Though its very little and common story but its have a lot of value.By this phrase You can learn a good lesson,which is very necessary for your continue life.
Once there was a hare.He was very proud of his speed.Because he was a speed full animal.One day he was going back to his destiny.The tortoise was going without disturbing the hare.Suddenly the hare stopped the tortoise and said,"you slow coach!I feel pity for your speed."But the tortoise said with a smile,"well lets run a race."At this the hare was much amused.So he said."Come along lets fix a date for the race."They fixed a date.a fox came to see the race.The tortoise and the hare came to the starting point.

Finally The race began.The hare began to run very fast.He jumped and jumped.He ran  a mile within a few minutes.Soon he found that the tortoise far behind him.Then he stopped.He say to himself,"whats the use of going so fast?Perhaps,the tortoise has covered only a few yards by this time.So,I can very well have a good sleep before he comes up."So saying the hare went to sleep in a bush.In the meantime the tortoise walked on and on.He do not stop any where.When he came to the bush,he saw the lazy hare lying fast asleep.He smiled and quietly  passed by him.
 That time his joy know no bounds.many hour passed.After a smooth sleep the lazy hare woke up.He saw that the tortoise  had already gone far.He came in sight of the finishing point.But the tortoise was already crossing the winning post.The hare felt much ashamed.He now said himself,"It is true that Slow and steady wins the race. "

The moral of the story is Never take any thing in small eye.Also never fell Jealous.

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