Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A boy saved a train

One day a poor boy named Abdullah was walking by a railway' suddenly he saw that the rail line was broken at a place. He saw a running train at a long distance. He thought and hit upon a plan. He thinks that the driver might not be aware of the broken place. 05Wt) of the rail line attic surely "there; tight be an accident in no time. So he began to think how to save the train and save the passengers from the accident.

He thought and thought and hit upon a plan. He-was wearing a Red shirt He put it off. Then he hung his shirt in a pole and Stood at the vulnerable point of the rail line raising the pole high. The driver could see the red shirt and took it for an alarming signal; He stopped the train. Thus, the boy’s intelligence prevented the train from terrible accident and saved all the passengers. They all thanked him and gave him a little prize.
Then the boy told them that He always observing this rail line and whole platform. Because the reason is so pathetic. He lost his family by a Train Accident.
Some years before he and his whole family were moved to somewhere by train. At the middle of their journey the train got accident. Due to line broken the train felt from a hill and his whole family got die. Fortunately he alive. From this day he promised to serve people by observing rail line.

That was this little boy’s story.