Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A boy saved a train

One day a poor boy named Abdullah was walking by a railway' suddenly he saw that the rail line was broken at a place. He saw a running train at a long distance. He thought and hit upon a plan. He thinks that the driver might not be aware of the broken place. 05Wt) of the rail line attic surely "there; tight be an accident in no time. So he began to think how to save the train and save the passengers from the accident.

He thought and thought and hit upon a plan. He-was wearing a Red shirt He put it off. Then he hung his shirt in a pole and Stood at the vulnerable point of the rail line raising the pole high. The driver could see the red shirt and took it for an alarming signal; He stopped the train. Thus, the boy’s intelligence prevented the train from terrible accident and saved all the passengers. They all thanked him and gave him a little prize.
Then the boy told them that He always observing this rail line and whole platform. Because the reason is so pathetic. He lost his family by a Train Accident.
Some years before he and his whole family were moved to somewhere by train. At the middle of their journey the train got accident. Due to line broken the train felt from a hill and his whole family got die. Fortunately he alive. From this day he promised to serve people by observing rail line.

That was this little boy’s story.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Whimsical King
Once there lived a whimsical king in a certain island. There were innumerable green trees everywhere in the island. The king made up his mind to build a magnificent palace in the island. So he ordered his man to cut down all the trees growing there. Some opposed the king’s idea but he did not pay heed to the right and legal opposition. So people were compelled to obey the king’s order. To materialize the purpose of the king, they cut down all the trees.
As a result a great change took place in the climate of the island. The Island turned into a desert. There was no rain. Consequently crops did not grow well. Famine visited the Island. People had to starve for days together. It was quite unbearable for them. One day they came to the kings palace and lay seize around the palace. They protested against the eve stating decision taken by the king. They wanted to have their food but the king could not give them any food for their survival. At last they became very excited and furious. They dragged the king from his chair and on the spur of the moment killed him

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Scholar and a boat man

A Scholar and boat man
Once a scholar was going a place by boat. The boatman set sail in his boat and the boat was moving on smoothly. The scholar was very proud of his learning. He asked the boatman whether he knew why the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The boatman replied that he is merely a very simple boatman. He did not know that much. The scholar at this informed the boatman that one fourth of his life was spoilt. The boatman had nothing to say but stare at the scholar. After a while the scholar asked again whether the boatman had read geography.

The boatman politely replied that he had never studied any book let alone geography. The scholar then told him that half of his life was spoilt. This time also the boatman remained wordless. Then the sky became covered with dark clouds. Soon a violent storm rose. There were big waves in the river. The boat was moving tremendously. The scholar became very afraid. He did not know what to do. His face turned pale. The boatman asked him whether he knew how to swim. The scholar replied in the negative. The boatman then told him that the whole of his life was spoilt because he was going to die.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tit for tat

Tit for tat

Once there lived a sweetmeat seller in a market.He was very cunning and he earned much by fraud.He often used to to cheat with his all customers either by giving the less or by taking a higher price.
One day a poor man went to his shop and wanted to buy sweetmeat from the shopkeeper.When he asked for a seer of sweetmeat,the seller gave him very tactfully sixteen chhattaks only.The buyer protested against the cheating tendency of the seller.He grumbled at his foul practice.The sweetmeat seller was very shrewd.He at once understood the nature of his customer.He said to the man,"Do not grumble,my boy.I have helped you in one way-I only tried to lighten your burden  so that you may find it easy to carry."The poor did not say anything to him.Hee was only thinking only how he could  give a fitting reply.When the question of payment  came,the buyer hit upon a plan.The seller demanded the price of his sweetmeat but the man paid him less by a few coins.At this,the shopkeeper grew angry and strongly demanded the payment in full..The poor man smiled.He simply said,"Do not grumble,my friend.I have helped you in one respect,too.I paid you less because you will find it easy to count less.
The seller found no reason to reply.In fact he was rightly served."

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Meeting with a worthy hero

Meeting with a worthy hero

When Jamal entered the room full of a number of people, a young man attracted his notice.He is very jolly and jovial and very handsome to look at.He kept looking at the young man only.He felt he knew him but he was totally confused as to how he had seen him."where had i seen him first?"he thought.Suddenly he began to sweat profusely.He thought he could recognize him.He cried gaily,Oh sir,you ! What a surprise!!I never even thought meet you again.."" Everyone looked at Jamal with an inquisitive eye.The young man also could not recognized Jamal. "It was the winter of 2007."

Jamal started to looking at the young man."I along with my parents went to Cox's Bazar.I was mere boy of thirteen then."Oh you !,My little sweet friend,Jamal?" -said the young man with a smile.A tear rolled down Jamal's face."You risked your life me,sir?" " Can i forget such a sweet friend?" " You risked your life that day,Sir and snatched me from the claws of Death."Everyone present there came to learn a unique story of rescue from their conversation when talking bath in the sea water,Jamal was taken away by a huge wave.The sea turned so violent that even Jamal's father could do nothing to rescue him.He was just fighting against the waves and crying with the rest of his energy to help his son.Nobody dared dive into the terrible sea.Then the young man risked his life and rescued Jamal and his father.All praised the young man highly and bow down their heads in respect of a true hero.

Slow and steady wins the rece

Slow and steady wins the race

If Not Possible to read this Story Please Just watch the video!!

Its a common story.Every one must heard it.Though its very little and common story but its have a lot of value.By this phrase You can learn a good lesson,which is very necessary for your continue life.
Once there was a hare.He was very proud of his speed.Because he was a speed full animal.One day he was going back to his destiny.The tortoise was going without disturbing the hare.Suddenly the hare stopped the tortoise and said,"you slow coach!I feel pity for your speed."But the tortoise said with a smile,"well lets run a race."At this the hare was much amused.So he said."Come along lets fix a date for the race."They fixed a date.a fox came to see the race.The tortoise and the hare came to the starting point.

Finally The race began.The hare began to run very fast.He jumped and jumped.He ran  a mile within a few minutes.Soon he found that the tortoise far behind him.Then he stopped.He say to himself,"whats the use of going so fast?Perhaps,the tortoise has covered only a few yards by this time.So,I can very well have a good sleep before he comes up."So saying the hare went to sleep in a bush.In the meantime the tortoise walked on and on.He do not stop any where.When he came to the bush,he saw the lazy hare lying fast asleep.He smiled and quietly  passed by him.
 That time his joy know no bounds.many hour passed.After a smooth sleep the lazy hare woke up.He saw that the tortoise  had already gone far.He came in sight of the finishing point.But the tortoise was already crossing the winning post.The hare felt much ashamed.He now said himself,"It is true that Slow and steady wins the race. "

The moral of the story is Never take any thing in small eye.Also never fell Jealous.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Money Cannot Bring Happiness

Money Can not Bring Happiness
 Once upon a time there lived a poor cobbler named Mostak.Though he was poor but he was a happy man.He passed his days working and singing.His neighbor who was a businessman named Husain,One day said him "how much a month do you earn?"Mostak replied ,"I earn enough to make both ends meet."I am sorry for that.You must be living in great distress,"said the neighbor."But i am used to this sort of life and i am happy."said the cobbler.

The next day the Husain again came to visit Mostak.He came with Nine thousand taka in a bag.He said to him "Look my friend!" I have brought ten thousand taka for you .Keep this money and remove your distress.You can buy some thing related with your job and start a big business.By getting this money the Mostak was greatly surprised.At first he refused to take the money .Husain told him that he could use the money in times of difficulties.Mostak took the bag of  money from Husain and thanked him with great joy.

Now a new thinking took hold of Mostak.He said to himself,"Nine thousand taka is a lot of money."He could not think where to keep  the money there.But  he always thought that his money could be stolen any time.This thought kept him awake at night.He even could not devote himself to his work.as a result, his life became more miserable.Peace and happiness vanished from his life.Mostak gradually realized that he had money,but no peace of mind.

The Moral of the story Is over money is just for pain.Mostak was a poor cobbler.As a cobbler Nine thousand taka was enough.That why his peace gone.If he got 900 it will be ok for him.